The recorder quintet VUENV was founded in 2007 by five recorder players from Graz and Bremen

Despite the great distance, there is a regular exchange of ideas about the instruments and the historical performance practice associated with them, nurtured by the musical and artistic like-mindedness of the group members. The ensemble has fully and completely immersed themselves in the interpretation of music from the renaissance

and middle ages and since it’s founding they have performed the programmes “Ave Maris Stella” and “Amica Mea” to great success in both Austria and Germany

“Ave Maris stella” (2007) journeys through the rich number of songs in praise of Mary throughout the late middle ages and the renaissance.

“Amica Mea” (2008) presents songs of female figures of the renaissance.

“Orfea Britannica”(2009) enchants through the marriage of voice and recorder consort with English music from the Elisabethan and Jacobean periods with the Irish mezzosoprano Sharon Carty.

In August 2008 VUENV worked with the video artist Monika B. (Bremen) on a film documentary of selected works, the shooting of which took place in the

historical library of the Benedictine Monastery in Admont. 

VUENV play on copies of original instruments by Martin Praetorius  (Celle/Germany).

The consort currently consists of 12 different recorders (d-Soprano to F-SubBass)

the recorderquintet